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Funny “feature” in Octopress.

While playing around with my brand new octopress I was thinking of the title for the blog. While I was experimenting I entered 00010111 as title, which is basically the domain. After generating the preview and refreshing my browser window I was a bit surprised. The title said “4169“, obviously not what I had I mind. But… WTF?
After checking if I really had set the title to 00010111 in the config file, i tried 00000001 which brought me to the new title “1“. Okay that was expected. I tried a bit more: 00000010 => 8; 00000011 => 9. Correct … the zeros and ones were parsed based to 8, if you are leaving out the surrounding quotes.
A quick twitter conversation with @octopress and it was clear that this is no easter egg. What a pity. YAML simply sees the title as a number if you are leaving out the quotes and not as a string.